Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Forget & Remember . -.-"

Forget his name, forget his face 
Forget his kiss and his warm embrace 
Forget the love that once came true 
Remember now there's someone new,

Forget the love that you once shared 
Forget the face that had once cared 
Forget the time you spent together 
Remember now he's gone forever, 

Forget you cried the whole night through 
Forget him when they play your song 
Forget how close you two once were 
Remember now he's chosen her, 

Forget you memorized his walk 
Forget the way he used to talk 
Forget the times he was mad 
Remember he's happy instead of sad, 

Forget his teasing, gentle ways 
Forget you saw him everyday 
Forget he made your dreams come true 
Remember now she loves him too, 

Forget the thrill when he walked by 
Forget him when he made you cry 
Forget the way he spoke your name 
Remember now he's not the same, 

Forget the way he said he loved you 
Forget the way he kissed and hugged you 
Forget all those nights when he held you tight 
Remember now he holds her tonight, 

Forget all those sunny days 
Forget all those poems he made 
Forget those times through good and bad 
Remember he said he'd never make you sad, 

Forget the games he played with you 
Forget the times he stayed with you 
Forget those cold, cold nights 
Remember now he keeps her warm tonight, 

Forget the way he looked at you 
Forget you kissed the whole night through 
Forget all you dreams came true 
REMEMBER, that he doesn't love you.

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