Monday, November 28, 2011

This is awful . . Ughh ~ =.="

And this is my story.

Ughh ! .. It really hurt me inside. Why me ?! . . Such an awful feeling here . Its sucks u know . Ha-ha. U know what, I lost all my favorite pic in my phone . Arghh !! I don't know how it happen but for sure i didn't even touch my phone at the time when everything is gone . Ouch !

Sucks ! I hate this feeling . Ha-ha .

Fuhh ~ =.="

So annoying . =.="

To my dearest follower ,

Even though u are not actually following my blog, but i think that i must tell u this. If u are using the Graha student wireless (especially for UiTM student), that means u may not see my button on the right side bar. Which also means that u may not see my product, article and such. Ha-ha. So, if u are not using Graha student wireless and u probably can see everything. Ha-ha.

Just For Ur Info. Thank you for your concern.

p/s : Trying to fill as much words as i can to complete the blog task. Ha-ha. 300 words huh. =.="

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pensel Dan Pemadam
And this is my story.

Pensel : Saya minta maaf.

Pemadam : Utk apa? Awak x buat salah pun.

Pensel : Saya minta maaf disebabkan saya, awak cedera. Setiap kali saya buat silap, awak pasti berada di situ utk membetulkan kesilapan saya. Tapi setiap kali awak memadam kesilapan saya, awak kehilangan sebahagian dari diri awak. Awak menjadi semakin kecil.

Pemadam : Itu betul, tapi saya langsung x kisah tentangnya kerana saya dibuat utk membetulkan kesilapan yg awak buat. Walaupun suatu hari nanti saya tahu yg saya pasti akan hilang, saya berbangga dengan kerja saya ini. Jadi janganlah risau. Saya benci melihat awak bersedih.

P/s ..
:) . . Ingatlah, ibubapa kita juga boleh diibaratkan sebagai pemadam di atas & kita pula sebagai pensel. Mereka sentiasa berada di sisi kita, membetulkan segala kesilapan yg kita lakukan. Kadang-kala mereka terluka, akan menjadi kecil(tua) & akhirnya hilang(meninggal dunia) Jagalah ibubapa anda & balaslah jasa mereka dgn kebaikan.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some nonsense to talk about .. HA-ha

And This Is My Story .

*Just ignore .. :3

This how the story of my life begins, my mum and dad met, and they get married. They give birth for 5 children including me and I’m’ the 4th. Compare to my other sibling I’m quite ordinary and a bit unlucky. Well as u know I had my face burned when I’m in primary six. And I get my face so ugly when one boy who took the same bus as me called me a monster. ha-ha! But I just ignore. I got big blister on my hand too because of the burns. I hate the smell of liquid inside the blister, it’s so foul. When I reach 15 I broke my leg and being a burdensome to my mother. She had to send and fetch me up from school every day. Plus, she had to adjust her scheduled to fit mine which is actually impossible without her partner cooperation. I’m sorry mother. I love you so much.

Ha-ha. Actually i want to put some picture about it, unfortunately i have none. Yea you know, we kinda hate the camera and I lie. Ha-ha. We just don't have one at that time. Plus, I'm ugly what for taking a picture. LOL!